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Sonja Svensek

Sonja SvensekSonja is a German/Italian national, born and raised in Jeddah, Rome and London who feels that Jeddah has always been ‘home’ for her. She worked in the corporate field for 12 years in the Kingdom, and now practices as a certified counsellor conducting  private counselling via her own Ray of Light counselling services and is actively involved in animal rescues.

Animals have always been a passion of Sonja’s and her family’s. Her family have been known to always carry food and water with them in the car in case they come across an animal in need. At Pets in Need, Sonja are her team are privately helping over 96 dogs which have all been saved off the streets since 2008. Sonja is the proud owner of 4 dogs and 4 cats, and also feeds and cares for the abundant cats in her compound. She is dedicated to the plight of animals, and raising awareness on lowering the already overpopulated animals in the Kingdom.

16 thoughts on “Sonja Svensek

  1. Robert on said:

    Where is Animal Souq located here in Jeddah?
    Where can be buy cheaper food and litter clay dor cats and dogs compare to prices in supermarkets?


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  4. I’m looking for a tarantula for a pet. U know where to find one in jeddah?


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  7. tariq al-maeena on said:

    Does she know of any cats I could use as outside garden cats


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