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Ms. Q

Ms QWith so much to see and do, why label oneself as a specific professional? So believes Ms. Q; a nickname born from convenience, but which stuck due to its uniqueness.

Ms. Q is a lover of all things beautiful. Now don’t go jumping to fashion and facial beauty, rather anything that brings joy. Q finds rainy days, yummy food and even her bottle of Coco Chanel equally beautiful. She believes in learning and sharing her know-how with no reservations.

Her aim is to enjoy each day to the fullest! She writes for her own entertainment, preferring not to restrict herself to any specific genre. Don’t be surprised to read about beauty one day and food another, all in the pursuit of discovering unique spots and hidden treasures in Jeddah and beyond. We may even persuade her to disclose her favourite places to hang out.

Ms. Q adores pizza, firmly believes that blow-dried hair is the best solution to a bad day, and cannot resist buying creams and dolls of all makes and sizes. Q also writes her own personal blog called Quezz Lifestyle.

5 thoughts on “Ms. Q

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  3. Zuhair Maghrabi on said:

    Hi there, I’m not really sure if this is the right place to ask for this help. I lead the HR function in one of larg organization in Jeddah. I’m looking for a professional (company or individual) who can help in planning and implementing outdoor activities in the Jeddah area and sourronding areas for a group of around 15 of my executive team. These activities are part of our ongoing team building programs. I can be reached at: or at 0504303808? Thanks.


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