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N.Sight Brain Training and Consultation Center

N.Sight Brain Training and Consultation Center is the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that specializes in developing cognitive skills based on a customized one-on-one brain training program.

They are licensed from BrainRx and devoted to work directly with students who struggle or desire maximum learning enhancement. They use testing and training tools that can transform learning weaknesses into strengths in 12-24 weeks. Tests results have averaged over a 3.6 year gain across the board in all cognitive skills tested in less than 72 hours of training.

N. Sight Consultation Jeddah

The BrainRx Brain Training is different because: 

  • It targets the cognitive skills of a person (like attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing,  and processing speed)
  • Customized one-on-one training.
  • Immediate feedback is continuously provided.
  • Non-Academic
  • Age: 7 to 90.


Who benefits from BrainRx Training?

  • Elementary, middle and high school students
  • Gifted students wanting to get ahead
  • Individuals with learning difficulties, reading problems, or slow performance
  • Student who has ADD/ADHD wanting faster reaction time, processing speed, and memory
  • College students
  • Adults wanting to improve their job performance
  • Senior seeking to stay mentally sharp
  • Students in transition (i.e. moving from junior high to high school)
  • Individuals simply seeking to enhance their skills

Contact us:

Mobile:    055 5284633

Phone:    012 6412082



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