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Parking Problems

Jeddah is notorious for its heavy traffic during rush hours and double (or sometimes triple) parking. What does one do, however, when you wake up one fine morning to find that your car has been completely blocked by a number of other cars? As we left our house on Thursday morning to catch an appointment at the hospital, we were welcomed by the scene below. If you look at the following photograph, you’ll see our car boxed in by three other cars.


Our car

Even Houdini wouldn’t have been able to get out of this one.

We asked some men working nearby if the cars belonged to them. No luck. After searching for a while, we found out that a man in some offices (you can see them in the right-hand side of the picture) had parked the car quite conveniently and was sitting inside. Five minutes later, we were on our way. If we hadn’t found the culprit, we could have missed our doctor’s appointment.

Has anything like this ever happened to you? Where do you think are the worst parking spots in Jeddah? Drop us a line and let us know.





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4 thoughts on “Parking Problems

  1. Saadia Shah on said:

    Seriously! Jeddah’s traffic has no comparision. Especially, If you visit Aziziya on weekends, you will forget what open space looks like.


  2. that happens many times and it can be just anywhere. If you have instagram you can check out #ksa_parking


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