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Ramadan Promotions

Ramadan is primarily a focus on spirituality, however the overall atmosphere is very festive. Shopping and eating out are popular activities with mall opening times adjusting for the Holy month. Shops remain closed in the mornings but stay open until 2:30 in the morning or even later. Restaurants are particularly busy at Iftar (breaking the fast at sunset) and Suhoor (the last meal before beginning the fast, before dawn). Shop windows focus on Ramadan with promotions targeting customers for Eid also.

My good friend and Jeddah Blog reader Soul Gulistan sends in some photographs of a recent visit to the Mall of Arabia. If you have any photos of interest to share with us, send them to

M&ms carrying the traditional Ramadan lantern.

Ramadan signage at Forever 21.

A toy drive for Eid.

Iftar Pizza Buffet at The Pizza Company

Clothes for children are hot sellers in Ramadan.

Ramadan Kareem from US Polo.

Hanging signs wishing everyone Ramadan Kareem from childrenswear shop Sergent Major.

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One thought on “Ramadan Promotions

  1. paul nate on said:

    Hey i really like this blog i think ecpecially this post of the ramadan advertisements:-)


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