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Keep your coins, I want change!

Guest blogger Anosha Vakani introduces us to a unique e-show, 3alahawana, which discusses the values, the passions and the challenges facing Saudi women today, and reveals to us the process whereby this insightful programme came about.

We’ve all put in our two cents halalas on the subject of today’s media and while a passionate rant over its sorry state is undoubtedly called for, there are some who have traded in their two cents worth on this well-worn topic for actual change.

Do we want coins, or do we want change?

Israa Al Qassas and Loujain Basri, students at Effat University and members of its Media Club, are co-hosting a one-of-a-kind show on the e-channel 3alahawana.

It all started with the forming of The Media Club back in October 2011 when a bunch of students from Effat decided that instead of droning on about the problems with today’s media, a much better use of their time would be to become part of the solution.

The initial idea was to start a show on YouTube that highlighted the implementation of Islamic values in daily life, with a primary focus on the part of it that is spent at University. As Israa Al Qassas explains in her TedX speech, these values are put into action quite subconsciously and very much encouraged by the activities that take place at University.

Israa Al Qassas on how the media influenced her to participate in making a change.

After forming The Media Club they spent an entire semester working for approvals from the University and with little resources and zero experience they began shooting on their own, but with no avail.

Just as their hopes of translating their ideas into solid action declined, they found out that the producer of 3alahawana was looking to start a show that portrayed university life and how it builds the characters of young women.

After a quick rendezvous with the team at 3alahawana, they started shooting “الجامعة رايحة أنا “, (literally meaning ‘Going to University’), which is a cross between the ideas of the Media Club and the e-producer. Each episode targets a single value and Israa and Loujain, as the co-hosts, walk us through the entire process, portraying simultaneously a specific concept and its impression on the characters of young women.

In the first episode Israa and Loujain walk us through a research they are conducting emphasizing the importance of seeking knowledge, the later episodes focus on the student government at Effat University portraying an ideal voting system. Each episode practically radiates girl power, and links it to an Islamic concept that viewers are left to absorb. A definite must watch, viewers are left wondering what the next episode will leave them with.


Israa al Qassas and Loujain Basri

With three episodes already out, “الجامعة رايحة أنا” is a tribute to the women of Saudi Arabia and a positive illustration of their lives, of the importance of education and of the aspects of Islam that are subconsciously embedded into our daily lives. “الجامعة رايحة أنا”, a symbol of hope and perseverance is witness to the face that the best passions are those that are turned into ideas and the best ideas are those that are put into action.


About the Author

On the absolute edge of her teenage years, Anosha Vakani is a freelance blogger based in Jeddah and a lover of the written word.  Anosha adores miracles and metaphors, babies and her husband, floating lanterns and the full moon. She loves Kit-Kat and chips drenched in mint chutney and claims that burgers fit every category of the food pyramid. Anosha Vakani is an avid day-dreamer, a supporter of all things chocolate, and can be followed on twitter @NushVee

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