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Jeddah Blog recently got in touch with Julien, Founder of Expat Blogwho has updated us on important changes happening at their blog.

It was Julien’s passion for discovering new cultures, and himself being an expatriate for several years that prompted him to launch the Expat Blog project seven years ago. “I wanted to gather all the expatriates’ blogs throughout the world on a unique platform,” says Julien.

What is Expat Blog?

Expat Blog is a participative platform dedicated to expatriates and soon-to-be expatriates. It is aimed at helping people living or wishing to live abroad. It is a great resource for free advice and information on living abroad: everyday life, formalities, visas, education, cost of living, etc. It deals with all the important subjects for expatriates and the ones about to live in another country. Julien believed that this energy and experience could be channeled to help those wanting to make a move and explore other countries but needed help and advice on the very basics of making such a big move. He enthuses, “I have always thought that the real life and experience of expatriates could really help those people wishing to start a new life abroad.”

At first, Expat blog was a platform of expatriates’ blogs. As the website developed, new features have been added. Expat Blog are now launching two functions which would greatly help expats and soon-to-be expatriates. They have just released two new sections dedicated to jobs and housing in Saudi Arabia. Those of us living here know that these are 2 areas where so far, there is simply not enough information one can find, and Expat Blog hopes to help to fill that information gap. These sections would help potential expats to settle and expats who would like to find a new house or explore new job opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

How does it work?

Saudi Arabia Jobs section

For job seekers: You select the relevant field (more than 100 jobs and fields)
For employers: You create a CV or describe the offered position: nature of job, skills, languages, kind of job contract…
Saudi Arabia Housing section

For house hunters: Select the kind of accommodation as per your needs
For owners: Post your ad: description of the accommodation, area, number of rooms, service charges included, parking…

We at Jeddah Blog have been a part of the Expat Blog communityfor quite a while now. If you haven’t visited their site before, we recommend that you check it out!

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