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Weekday Morning screening of ‘Home: the ARAMCO brats story’

A special morning screening of the documentary 'ARAMCO Brats Story' in the relaxed, congenial environment of the JCEC. Watch the movie with like-minded people, and linger awhile afterwards to chat and make friends. Do see the trailer and the post on Susie's blog below for an idea of how the earlier screening went.


English Documentary Showing “ARAMCO Brats Story”

Monday, April 23

At the Jeddah Cultural Exchange Center (see map below)

Film Starts at 10:00 a.m (running time: 1Hour 30 minutes)

Ladies only

 SAR 15

Heavy appetizers / Hot & Cold drinks will be provided


For reservations, simply write in with your full name at

A feature documentary film that brings to life Americans 'feelings for Saudi Arabia. Messengers of friendship between Americans and Saudis in this post 9/11 world, Aramco Brats are children of expatriate workerswho were employed by Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company) and who spent their childhoods within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HOME – The Aramco Brats' Story is a feature-length independent documentary film revealing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as seen through their eyes. The film is an amazing depiction of Saudi Arabia, Arabs, and Islam narrated by Western citizens of all faiths, who choose not to concentrate on religion, but rather look at the other cultural aspects that many overlook when unfairly judging these people and their nation.

You may also refer to Susie’s blog post for her write-up on the rooftop screening earlier this month.

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