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April 18 is Orange Day celebrating womanhood

Get out your orange accessories, because Women Appreciation Month (WAM) has announced that TODAY – Wednesday , April 18, is Orange Day, asking everyone to wear the colour to express appreciation to womanhood.

WAM, which is taking place in April, is an initiative brought to you by femi9, a local fashion brand that will be giving away more than 100,000 orange scarves. Women Appreciation Month is in its second year after a successful initiative last year. WAM 2012 came up with the Theme of Women@work; the activities involve housewives, bankers, teachers and doctors .

WAM in association with Glowork is committed to create 400 jobs in different sectors for women. Glo is also conducting free training sessions every Thursday as part of Women Appreciation Month Women@Work.

The initiative is design in consideration of Government mission support working women. The symbol of WAM is an Orange Scarf which is available for free in all femi9 stores throughout the Kingdom.

On Saturday 21st April, the Femi9 Facebook page will allow visitors to vote for best women achievers in 2010.

There are six categories:

  1. Best Woman Social Worker
  2. Best Woman Teacher
  3. Best Young Woman Entrepreneur
  4. Best Woman Government Employee
  5. Best Woman Media Personality
  6. Best Woman Doctor.

“Awards will be presented in a ceremony on May 2nd,” announced Said Aghil Baaghil, brand marketing strategist consultant. “There are ten nominations for each category, and our panel of judges will select the top three in each category. These names with their profiles will be posted on Facebook WAM page where our fans will be voting to select the winner.”

Eyad Mashat, the founder and CEO of Femi9, has called on everyone to stand with women and support them so that they can fulfill their role in serving society as mothers, sisters and daughters and simultaneously work in companies, schools, hospital and various platforms.

Mashat enunciates, “We wish women a lifetime filled with success and gratitude, and we will never forget that she is the better half of society as she also completes her male partner,” .

– Sabaa Ali

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