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A State of Lemonade

Strawberries and cream. Apple and cinnamon. Macaroni and cheese. We all know that these are all spectacular combinations, and we now present to you another potentially awesome collaboration; Sotra and Lace.

Sotra boutique is holding a collaborative event with local talent Lace Events and they enthusiastically promise an evening of fun and lemonade. We challenge you to resist this particular temptation!

The Summer Fest titled ‘A State of Lemonade’ will be held on Sunday, 25th March 2012 from 6pm-11pm at Sotra boutique in the Ana Special Mall, aka Ana Ghair. Among an ambience of modern vintage with a touch of feminine elegance, visitors will sample some tasty summer treats, drink lemonade and be able to browse through the latest Sotra collection. To top it all, each visitor will go home with Peony flowers from Lace and lace bow-tie brooches with pastel coloured trims by Sotra as gifts.

In a nutshell:

Event: A State of Lemonade (RSVP at their facebook event page)
Date: Sunday, 25th March 2012
Time: 6pm-11pm
Location: Ana Special Mall, Prince Sultan St.
Contact: 6915082, 05069710559

– Sabaa Ali

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