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Saobia Ahmed is a 24 year old freelance photographer based in Jeddah. An avid reader of Jeddah Blog, she contacted us with some beautiful shots taken of locations in and around Jeddah.

Saobia was born in Karachi, Pakistan but has lived in Jeddah her whole life. She completed her Bachelors in Communication Design in Karachi, and this is where her love for photography started. “It started as a hobby,” Saobia explains, “and turned into a professional business.”

Past clients have been many, small emerging companies, and she was the official photographer for TOUS, the fashion brand for bags and jewellery. She has also covered a number of private events such as weddings and birthday parties.

I asked her what she liked about Jeddah Blog and she enthused, “For me, Jeddah Blog is an amazing way to wrap up the events and life about our beautiful city, Jeddah. It gives us a small tour about what’s happening and when. The people behind Jeddah Blog are doing an amazing job to keep us updated and I thank them personally for this work. I hope you do this for long and keep this blog running for good.”

Saobia can be contacted on

The Park Hyatt in the Al Hamra District, Jeddah.
“The picture was taken on a beautiful evening during the Football season in 2010.” – Soabia

A  typical small shop (baqala) on the Corniche in Jeddah
“Since my childhood I’ve always adored these small circular shops with loads and loads of things.” – Soabia

A random shot of the beach and a ship. Obhur, Jeddah.
– Sabaa Ali

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