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A guided visit to the Al-Janadriyah Festival

The Al-Janadriyah festival runs from the 8th February through the 24th February, and Meteb AlMahmoud, a proud Saudi and a licensed tour guide, offers to show you around at two different times, once during the week, the 18th and the 19th February, and once on the last weekend of the festival, the 23rd and 24th February. Are you on board?



A true celebration of culture
In reply to a series of readers’ queries about the possibility of guided historical and cultural travel within Saudi Arabia, we got in touch with Meteb Abdullah AlMahmoud, a licensed Saudi tour guide, well-versed with all regions of the Kingdom, and eager to share his knowledge and pride with those who’re interested. He told us to call out to our readers and see how many of you would be interested in attending the Janadriyah Festival. I’m sure you’ve all heard about it. It is the largest celebration of Saudi culture and heritage, a well-attended, almost month-long festival that saw as many as 2 million attendees last year. Saying that living in Saudi Arabia, you must see this culture fest with your own eyes and experience it first-hand is almost painfully obvious.

Here’s how Meteb has packaged your potential visit into a digestible deal.

You have two time slots, the 18th and 19th February, and the last weekend of the festival, the 23rd and the 24th February.

Day one:

– 11:00 Arrival at Riyadh airport and transfer to hotel for check-in and rest

– 14:00 Traditional lunch in a traditional restaurant

– 16:00 Heading to Janadriyah cultural festival and participating in the variety of Saudi culture

– 22:00 Transfer back to hotel for rest and sleep

Day two:

– 09:00 Visit to national museum and learn about the history of the Arabian peninsula from the Stone age to current times

– 12:00 Visit to old Diriyah and learning about Saudi history.

– 14:00 Flight back to Jeddah

Price starts from 970 SAR per person (the price would increase if the group is smaller) and includes transportation for two days, guided tour for two days, accommodation in double room, traditional lunch, national museum fees, and airport meet and assistance.

The air ticket is not included, and is to be arranged by the guests themselves.

Number of participants is 10-20 persons.

If you’re interested, please contact him at the earliest possible at to book yourself a place in a group. Please address all queries related to this travel to Meteb himself on the email address provided above.

Naima Rashid

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