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How to Save Cash: Qitaf Rewards for Prepaid Mobile Phone Cards

Do you feel like you are always running out of credit in your mobile phone? Do you wish you could have more value for money? If so, for those who are new to Jeddah, or even those who were unaware of the most popular mobile prepaid card points scheme, Jeddah Blog brings you this quick and easy guide to setting up your Qitaf points scheme and begin claiming free credit.

What is Qitaf?

Qitaf is a rewards program that enables SAWA and LANA customers to collect points and receive multiple benefits, such as extra free credit on their phone.

How do I register?
If you use SAWA then call 902 and use the automatic answering system. On the other hand, if you use LANA then call 1515.

Alternatively, you can send an sms with 201 to 902.

You can begin to reap the rewards immediately upon registering.

What happens next?

After registration in the Qitaf program, you will receive 30 points. After this, you can earn 1 point for every 10 riyal recharged. You will also get 6 points per month.

What can I get for my Qitaf points?

Firstly, you must have a minimum of 100 points in order to claim any benefits. One you have 100 points, they can be exchanged for any of the following:

Number of Points Collected Extra Credit Free National SMS Free International SMS Free MMS
100 35 SR 140 80 60

How do I claim my accumulated points?

Once you have decided what you want in exchange for your points, then send the corresponding code to 902, as follows:

Type of Request Code
To Register in Qitaf 201
To Get Qitaf Balance 202
To Exchange 100 Points for 35 SR Extra Credit 203
To Exchange 100 Points for 140 Local SMS 204
To Exchange 100 Points for 80 International SMS 205
To Exchange 100 Points for 60 Local MMS 206

We hope this guide helps you to make the most of your prepaid card system!


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18 thoughts on “How to Save Cash: Qitaf Rewards for Prepaid Mobile Phone Cards

  1. Jinky Flores on said:

    Not all user can understand arabic words wondering if the text messages from STC and 900 can translate in English..I am a Filipina and it’s really annoying for me not able to read the messages.. looking forward for a reply and solutions..


  2. why black list qitaf point


  3. ziurkhan on said:

    Hello friends I want to buy STC qitaf points by Sawa STC balance


  4. Why like that? I choose the 35sr for 100 points but nothing add to my credit, and they’re sending an Arabic message which I don’t understand and which they should send an English one.


  5. moh am med Mizanur Rahman Abdul mazid 0532483878 on said:

    My qitaf points is complet I want credit 35 riyal.


  6. melanie on said:

    My husband he has 289 point but he can’t redeem. He’s already registered.he don’t know why?


  7. joselito pascual on said:

    perhaps it will be ok if there will be two reply on STC arabic and english so expat will understand also thank you very much


  8. I have sawa prepaid I redeemed for 100qitaf points and got 35riyals when I finish my sawa prepaid balance it says you have no balance but qitaf balance is already there how do I use it


    • Hi Parvez, if you redeemed 100 qitaf points, then your qitaf balance would have gone back to zero probably.


    • This amount can’t be used after 30 days… it will keep showing (as mistake), but you can’t use it anymore…
      Btw, this 35 riyals (extra-credit) from qitaf, can be used for calling to STC numbers only ? or also to other mobile operator (e.g. mobily and zain) ? Kindly, share your experience in this regard.
      Thank you


  9. jasmine flower on said:



  10. when you send sms to us make it sure that isit in english language because we dont know how to read arabic


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