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Beautylicious: Putting Your Best Face Forward

In this month’s Beautylicious blog post, Nilo Haq tackles the sensitive issue of skincare, do’s and don’ts for great-looking skin and answers questions sent in by our readers

Life comes with its joys and sorrows, adding to it its stresses, making it impossible to always put your best face forward. Maybe you were up studying late and slept with your face buried in books or you barely slept because your baby was cranky throughout the night. Sometimes, you may not be able to sleep a wink.  But regardless of what the cause is, when you face yourself in the mirror the next morning you may see the wicked witch of the west and you’re not likely to be very amused.

On days like these you may face unattractive skin issues like dark under eye circles, nasty break outs or   even a ghostly overall dullness.  Don’t feel alone because you are not the only woman in the world who goes through dilemmas like these.  Take it in with a stride and know you will be okay tomorrow.  For now concentrate on damage control.  A refreshing nap or a soothing, long, warm shower can do wonders for your skin. Exercising in the morning will not only make yourself feel energized, but will also help bring some color back into your face.  Mull over a quick exfoliation or a homemade facemask.  Even putting cold cucumbers over your eyes helps to make you feel relaxed and takes down under eye puffiness.

Then of course there is always makeup.  Look for help from your old friends: foundation and concealer, but remember not to wear too much makeup, or your disguise will be noticed.  Instead try a little peach blush or a few strokes of bronzer to add a warm glow to your face.

It’s important to face the facts.  Your body’s largest organ is your skin, a thin layer between you and the outside world.  It protects you from smoke, pollution and the sun. Still, we take it for granted – especially the skin on our face.  It needs care. Start on the inside, with a suitable diet and exercise.  Stay away from too much of the sun, and altogether from cigarettes, sheesha and stress.  You only have one face, take care of it!

Here are some dos and don’ts for how to care for your skin and some ways to keep it healthy and ‘glowing’.


√      Always wear sunscreen

√      Steer clear of untested products

√     Sleep well. The skin repairs itself while you’re sleeping, which is tied to having good skin

√     See a dermatologist annually

√   Use a night cream that is heavier than your day moisturizer

√   Exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells

√   Keep hydrated, by drinking at least around 8-10 glasses of non-caffeinated liquid daily

√   Pay attention to your skin, notices changes and adjust your skin care regime
accordingly – invest in your skin

√   Get a professional deep cleaning facial twice a year (when the seasons change)

√   Green Tea – a wrinkle fighting antioxidant and a stimulant

√    Chamomile Tea – soothing and you placing the tea pad on your eyelids will help
reduce puffiness


x   Smoke – the second major cause of wrinkles after sun exposure.  It also slows down wound recovery and stains the skin.

x   Sunbathe (fake it with self tanners)

x   Stay up late

x   Eat a lot of Sugars

The 1, 2 & 3 of basic skin care:

Clean. Moisturize. Protect. They work as a package.

Readers have been sending in lots of questions to Beautylicious. Below are some of the questions answered by Nilo.

“At work I have excessive use of computers and I also regularly wear glasses. How can I get rid of dark circles or the dark rings due to wearing glasses especially when I would like to wear contact lenses?” – Fed up of Dark Circles

Dear Fed up of Dark Circles,

Excessive use of computers and wearing glasses are not the cause of dark under eye circles.  They just become a lot more noticeable when you wear contact lenses.  Firstly, try getting glasses that have a bottom rim. That way it helps to not make the circles as obvious.

A balanced diet, adequate sleep and a good exercise routine can make a huge difference to your skin.  Try to avoid persistent eye rubbing and make sure you are not dehydrated.  Sometimes we get stuck with under eye circles due to our genes, aging or our bone structure. So consider a cosmetic solution by getting a good pink under-toned concealer and dab on a little every morning.

For a more permanent solution, hop over to your favorite pharmacy and get an under eye cream with Retinol K.  It is slightly expensive but is totally worth it.

“My hair is curly and lately it has become very frizzy. I can’t manage to style because no matter what I do, it just looks too frizzy. How can I tame my hair” – Curly and Frizzy

Dear Curly and Frizzy,

It is very important to invest in good products.  L’oreal Professional has an excellent line of professional hair products which can help almost any hair situation.

To start off with, use a gentle shampoo and a good nourishing conditioner to help with the dry tips but won’t weigh down your hair.  Try using a wide toothed comb to take out any tangles then flip your damp hair over and scrunch in some mousse.  This helps to give curly hair more shine and bounce while enhancing each curl.  You won’t even have to blow dry!

Stay away from any heat styling tools to prevent any further damage to your hair.  Get regular deep conditioning masks or treatments done to your hair to keep it looking and feeling healthy.


“I have very sensitive skin. Every time I wax, my skin breaks out into a rash and gets irritated. The rash remains for a couple days after waxing and looks terrible! How can I treat this?” – Sensitive waxer

Dear Sensitive Waxer,

Dermatologists always recommend you take an antihistaminic tablet such as levocetrizine before waxing to avoid such rashes.  Use calamine lotion immediately after waxing to sooth the skin.

Never use wax that is more than a month old as it could be infected and hence cause boils.  The wax should be properly stored with adequate hygiene. You should always use disposable cellophane strips for waxing.  Apply a retinol-based cream on the marks before you sleep.  This will lighten the marks over a period of time.  If the problem continues you should consider some permanent hair removal methods such as laser.


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