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Poor Customer Service

Unfortunately, if you’ve lived in Jeddah for even a little while, you are sure to have accumulated enough anecdotes about poor customer service you’ve received to be able to write a small book. Here are two examples I encountered only this week:

Marks and Spencers have a sale on these days. Now, what usually happens with them is you pick an item off the stands, which may have been reduced from say SR100 to SR80. When you get the item scanned, the actual after-sale price is SR45. So, although you lament the poor staff skills, and even wonder about how many more sales they could have made at their real price, you still come away with a last-minute buzz, feeling quite elated at the even lower price of goods you bought.

However, when I went to their store last week at the Mall of Arabia, I picked up an item which had a tag on it saying, ‘SALE SR20 only’. When I took it to the cashier, he said that the item was actually SR65 and sorry, he couldn’t give it to us for SR20. It ended up as not only a complete waste of time for us (we didn’t bother going through their racks all over again, we simply bought our stuff from another store), but they lost a loyal customer due to their poor management.

My second example for today is Domino’s Pizza, which has a Buy-1-Get-1-Free offer every Monday. However, whenever we try to call on a Monday their phone is either busy, or unattended. If we ever manage to get through due to some stroke of luck, we are told that they will deliver after 2 hours because they have ‘too many orders’. I wonder if the management would like to explain to their staff what the actual purpose of the Buy-1-Get-1-Free deal is, because they seem to be promoting nothing but poor customer service and a bad image on Mondays.
What I am really interested to know is, how far sales have increased for Pizza Hut and other fast food/ delivery restaurants on Mondays since people who cannot get through to Dominos end up ordering some place else. So Dominos spends the money on advertising and promotion (since their pizzas are half price) yet it’s their rival eateries that are gaining from the promotion.

Poor Customer Service
If you’d like to rant about poor customer service you’ve received recently in Jeddah, then post a comment and let us know !

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One thought on “Poor Customer Service

  1. very bad service unfair policy of NCB ALahli qitaf


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