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Saudi PMV (Plant, Machinery and Vehicles) Show

On the 7th, 8th and 9th of March, 2010 an exhibition of heavy machinery called the Saudi PMV Show was held in Jeddah displaying trucks, bulldozers, forklifts, excavators among many other gigantic pieces of heavy machinery. The venue was at Emaar’s Jeddah Gate development in the center of Jeddah located on Abdullah Street, between the Al Andalus Mall and the Haj residences. The area used to be the old Jeddah airport.

Caterpillar, represented by their local dealer, Zahid Tractor, was one of the many companies displaying their products, and they put on a show every evening open to the public. This was the view as we approached the exhibition:

We took our seats and music began blaring from the surrounding speakers. The Caterpillar drivers brought out the huge machines and began to excavate the massive mounds of earth, fill dump trucks, bulldoze the hills and then flatten the area, all synchronized and moving to the music:

After the show had ended, Zahid Tractor handed out gift bags and we went to look at the standing machinery on display. The kids were fascinated by the sheer size of the machines and were lucky enough to have a go sitting inside the driving seats.

This was the third year running for the exhibition and not only was it a big hit for suppliers, customers and enthusiasts, but good fun for all the family.

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